Rave Reviews

Thank you for what you are doing. It has been profoundly helpful and I would STRONGLY recommend you to anyone who is trying to grow in both productivity and impact.”
— Jim Zara, Managing Director Northwestern Mutual

“Your guidance made a huge impression on me— and allowed me to shift my focus to the work I actually care about. I’m on track to do something I love thanks to you!

“I just want you to know that you made a really positive impact on my life at the crucial starting point of my law school career. I am truly thankful for your assistance and presence in my life.”

“Your help preparing for my firm interview last semester was invaluable! You really altered my thinking about the entire interview and job search / application process. I am so glad to have been able to work with you!”

“You have been invaluable to me this year. I cannot thank you enough for helping to alleviate my anxieties throughout various stages in this process. I appreciate your genuineness and honesty!”

“[During the interview] the very first thing he asked about was my background, and your suggestion on how to talk about it was extremely helpful! The interview went very well, in large part because I didn’t start stumbling along the long-winded answer I had planned. Thank you so much!”

“Your feedback on how to share my story and connect under pressure was invaluable! I can honestly say I am so much more confident after speaking with you.”

“I just wanted to let you know that the interview went great and I was offered the job a few hours later. Thank you so much for the interview tips and helping me realize how good my experience this summer was for job opportunities moving forward.”

“Kim can teach even the most introverted person how to sell their strengths and achieve success. A real feat in my case!”